Is it just me or is the clothes the typical high school girl wears getting more sexual?

first off before you read this i didn't like drive to the local high school to check what pants a typical 16 year old wears to show off her butt. i had to go to this job fair and its located in a building that is shared with the high school and this cafe was beside the job fair and it was full of high school kids at lunch. anyways i couldn't help but notice like just about all the girls had on skin tight yoga pants , maybe a few were wearing something else but not many it seemed to be the thing for them to have on and lets be honest these pants don't leave much to the imagination if you wanted to check out her body.
i was really left wonder how the typical high school boy gets through the average day without becoming sexual aroused all the time , i know i wouldn't of stood a chance back in the day if i was seeing this all day long. when i was in high school i don't remember any of the girls wearing pants like this , it was mostly just blue jeans or maybe track pants but nothing that tight and revealing.


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  • Well that's because you're in your 30's however this is all of a sudden or just begun the last few years. Girls have been dressing like that in the early 2000's the most current thing would be us wearing leggings/jogging now.


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  • Girls are becoming sluts more frequently now days, also at a younger age. It's actually really sad. High school kids are actually not far off dressing like a stereotypical hooker. Really it's a mix of media and their parents fault, like tell your kid to put on sensible clothes before going to school. This world has been gone for a shit for a while now anyway.

    • so true I noticed this one girl standing on the sidewalk smoking who was wearing this black top and a skirt but the top revealed parts of her stomach it was so small and its winter here too making her outfit more bizarre , if you put her on a street in a city downtown you'd think she was a hooker


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  • Its not just you, don't worry. I'm not complaining though 😎