Scale of 1-10 how stupid am I?

The girl of my dreams can't be with me because I dated her best friend a long time ago. I love this girl so much and she feels the same way but her best friend is the wall that separates us. But her best friend is trying to get with someone else but the girl I LOVE doesn't think she can because she would feel like a backstabber anyways. This whole thing is just so frustrating...


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  • I guess your totally screwed then. Oh and I rate you as a Negative number in the millions.


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  • That depends... did you date her when you two were falling in love?

    • No it was way before. I don't get why she won't let it go.

    • I think you should move on cause if she liked you so much she would let it go. And hopefully that relationship between her best friend and you wasn't serious. and if it wasn't then she dumb not to notice a good thing passing her way. Hope that helped but it's all up to you :)