Can guys be intimidated by beautiful girls?

So I have this friend. She is very beautiful, but is also intelligent, mature, friendly, caring and has got a nice body. She hasn't got a boyfriend for years. Only weird guys who seem quite "mental" approaches her. Can guys who usually are rather confident be intimidated by girls like that? Do they not dare to approach her?


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  • This is the conundrum of the beautiful girl. Beauty tends to provoke envy. Her girl friends will find nit picky flaws to put her down; because, they envy the way she looks. Guys will call her a stuck up bitch when she turns the guy down. She becomes isolated; because, people are less likely to be forgiving when she doesn't get excited about following the whims of the crowd. People look at her and think she has is soooo good; why give her any attention? She just wants an ego boost.

    Rather than admire beauty, people are more likely to envy a beautiful person. We don't envy the beauty in nature; we admire the beauty in nature. Is a beautiful person not a natural creation? Most beautiful people attract more negitive emotion that positive emotion. Unfortunately, envy is far more common that admiration in regards to how one person treats another.


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  • yes. men can easily be intimidated by beautiful women.

    when I see a girl who is exceptionally beautiful, I immediately tell myself (subconsciously) that there's no way I could ever get her and that she's probably stupid and a bitch anyway( which tend to be common attributes of sexy girls).

  • Yes! That's why I've never had a girlfriend. I have this perception were I think all the stunning girls wouldn't even bother talking to me. =[


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