The guy I like who likes me back, usually has this look on his face.

Narrowed eyes, eyebrows furrowed and mouth slightly opened.

what does his facial expression show?

answers and comments are appreciated



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  • From how you describe it, either in deep thought, thinking about something or disturbed by something.

    If you are just looking at him, and he's not talking to you, just sitting there doing it he's probably thinking.

    if your talking to him about a matter of importance he's probably thinking.

    If your talking to him, and say something that could hurt or disturb him, it could be . a look of trouble =\

    • It usually happens when I walk by him.... so that could been somethings disturbing him?

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  • Hmm. Its possible you are reading to far into it. Does he look like he's a little angry when he does it? Is he making it obvious that he wants you to see that face? From what I can see, this is probably just his 'play-face'. He's probably trying to make it look like he's angry just to play with you mind. Do you ever stop and look at him and say "What?"? Does he ever like stop and just start smiling or laughing after doing it? Next time he does it, pretend he is just being a goof and laugh at him. See what his response is.

    Now if he hasn't ever stopped and just smiled, I might think that he wants you to know he is thinking about something weird when he sees you. But you said that he likes you back, so he probably doesn't have any other face to play with you mind.

    Just laugh it off next time you see him, or better yet, make your own 'disgusted' face and see what he does!


    • Nope he doesn't see angry at all. No he's never smiled or laughed after doing that.

      hmm I might try that

      thanks for the help

  • Stress, anxiety, paranoia, confusion. I know them well, I wear such an expression very frequently. My guess is that it has little to do with you.

  • could mean anything.

    If I were him, It probably mean I like you alot


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  • he's probably just thinking of frustrated or something .I wouldn't read into it that much

  • Maybe he's thinking dirty thoughts about you