Nose looks big in pictures?

Whenever I take pictures of myself my nose always looks much larger and bulbous than it does in the mirror and it makes me look really bad. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you trust the mirror or the photograph?


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  • You're probably keeping the camera close to your face (at arm's length?)and using a wide angle objective (lens) . That causes distortions. (Most cameras have semi-wide angle standard)

    The correct way to take a portrait is to take the photo from a greater distance with a normal objective. Pros use a small tele for portraits. (60 mm in Leica format, some even use a 75mm)

    If the camera has a zoom, then take distance and zoom in, instead of zooming out and coming close.

    In short: let someone else take the pic, your arms are too short for photographing yourself.


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  • It's hard to really judge yourself by a picture or by a mirror.No matter how you do it,you will always find a flaw in yourself even if it is not even a noticable one.You may be the only one who sees it that way.That is how humans work.I also agree with jacquesvol about the camera.Taking pictures of yourself can result in very unflatttering images by just angling it the wrong way.So next time you look in the mirror or at a picture,focus on the positives on your face and I'm sure what you see as a flaw will greatly diminish.Good luck!

  • the lighting probably a trick you can use, pick some foundation that's at least 2 shades lighter than ur actual one and swipe it in a line in the middle line it makes ur nose look smaller/slimmer