What do guys like better? Jock girls, preppy girls, catholic girls, emo girls, scene girls?

I need to know because apparently I'm hot( I don't think so but what ever) but I am NO PREP I hat them! So I need to know how I can NOT scare guys but I just don't wanna be a super-duper happy girl but I wanna find a guy who can make me happy.


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  • Guys just want a regular girl that's herself. We REALLY don't want a girl that tries to change herself to fit a stupid label. Girls just don't seem to understand that.

    If your really hot, then you'll attract people that are mostly preps. If you want change the way people view you, you should change who you hang around with to people that are like you. And make sure your personality is YOURS. Not a second rate version of someone else's.

    And by being attractive you might scare away the shy guys, but if a guy is really worth it, he'll grow a set, and overcome his fears and approach you.

    As long as be yourself, nice, and pretty, and don't be bitch, you'll find plenty of guys that will make you happy (:

    hope this helped (:



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  • myself I go to the gym a lot so I like jock girls and have a thing for this blonde who works at my gym , I guess you could say she was a jock since she is into sports

  • I wouldn't say I like a particular type of girl, I just like the girl. The last girl I liked was a very smart, nerdy, quiet Catholic girl. Like most women she turned out to be a total bitch.

    I hate all types of women equally. I don't really understand your details.

  • I don't care who she is. Just as long as she's real and doesn't put up some facade and pretends to be someone she isn't.


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  • be yourself.

    be confident.

    guys are attracted to different kinds of personalities.