Which type of hair do guys prefer on black girls?

I'm just curious. It seems like black girls can't win with their hair. I have natural hair but its such a struggle to maintain. Just wanted people's opinion on this especially guys but also girls too.

  • Natural hair
    42% (19)52% (12)46% (31)Vote
  • Weaves/Extensions
    16% (7)17% (4)16% (11)Vote
  • Permed hair
    4% (2)4% (1)4% (3)Vote
  • No preference
    38% (17)27% (6)34% (23)Vote
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  • I don't know. I see lots of black girls who have hair i think looks nice.

    I don't think i really care if it's natural or not. I understand why there's a lot of weird pressure on black girls where they sometimes feel pressured to not have natural hair to fit in, then feeling like sell outs if they change it...

    I have seen natural hair i like. I have seen heavily modified/weave whatever that i like.

    To me, hair is just aesthetics. If it looks nice, it looks nice, it's not 'who you are' to me. If it looks pretty and the maintenance isn't crazy, enjoy it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on the guy. Not every guy likes the same thing. However, I think most of them are into permed hair.


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  • I feel you girl! Black natural hair is so hard to take care of!

  • Just go with what you feel comfortable with.

    I am white, i once had a weave put in, within a week i had cut it out, i do not know how anyone deals with that, my head was itchy and sore!

  • Correction (Relaxed hair)

    • Yeah or you can call it that.