Girls hair color defines attraction to a guy?

I'm a blonde and it seems like I get more attention from men than brunettes, redheads, black haired girls, other colors, etc. Is this true, and why is that? It seems like men have this opinion that your hair color defines the type of girl you are, and that's wrong.


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  • Hair color? That's probably the last thing that decides whether or not a guy thinks a girl is attractive, and I would say race is a bigger problem.

    No one really acknowledges those stereotypes from what I've seen, unless it benefits them to play along with it. Plus, you're ignoring the smolderingly sexy brunette, and the fiery, passionate redhead. The sexiest woman in the world right now (according to I'm not sure who) is a brunette, mot to mention 62 of the top 100 billionaires married brunettes. As a brunette, I don't see a problem here :)


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  • Hair color has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with buying into stereotypes. I have a preference for blondes because that's what does it for me visually, personality is an individual trait has nothing to do with hair color. I can be attracted to brunettes or dark haired girls too.


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  • I honestly don't think it matters. If a girl has a pretty face, body and personality, I HIGHLY doubt any guy would pass her up just because of a hair color, whether it be blonde, brunette, or a redhead. When a girl is hot, a girl is hot. I don't think hair color has much effect on the hot factor.

    • Well everyone knows the stereotypes that come along with a blonde, so it seems like guys pay more attention to the blondes than all the other pretty girls. I jsut think this stereotyping needs to go away and some guys need to grow up.

    • But the stereotype that goes along with redheads is that they are supposed to be passionate and stuff and that doesn't make them pay more attention to redheads so its not completely stereotypes. I think it partially depends on personality...I know plenty of blackhaired, blonde, and brunette girls who get tones of attention from guys so its probably not your hair color...its probably the vibe you give off.