Why can't I get a boyfriend?

ok so I'm about 5' 1'' I have brown hair and eyes, I weigh about average, 34D size boobs, nice fit body like an athlete should have and I'm really nice, but for some reason guys have not really liked me this year ,last year I was one of the hottest girls at school but for some reason no one likes me. any advice?


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  • Alot of guys just get bored of the same old thing. if everybody thinking you're hot matters that much to you think about changing your style or something similar to that.

    I really don't think you should be worried, you sound good looking, and seem pretty confident which is all that matters.


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  • Whoa !

    It could be anything. and besides, if someone is after you cause you hot. well you don't want that (in my book anyways)

    just be yourself, hand out, *be laid back* (guys hate stuck up girls who think they are soo hot) have fun, be friendly. Trust me, a girl by that definition, Id kill for that !

    Cheers !

  • I don't know. Maybe you were a little too popular last year. If you catch my drift. Or maybe people are just tired of the same old thing. Diversity is the key.

    The problem with today's society is that things go quickly in and out of fashion and that's just idiotic! You have to establish who you are before you can expect anyone else to.

    Don't judge yourself solely by appearance!


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  • Just focus on bringing our your best personality features -- not your physical features. Although it doesn't seem like it, many guys in today's age are actually taking notice to what really matters. Any guys whose man priority is how a girl looks is a guy that is NOT worth having.

    Hope I could help.