What is wrong with not wearing eye contacts?

I love wearing glasses in spite of dumb media that tells everyone that wears glasses to wear eye contact before 20 years old! I had been wearing glasses since I was little. Throughout Elementary, Middle, and High school, there has not been a single day that I didn't wear glasses. I told this girl in my college that I never wore eye contacts and I am almost 22 years old. She gasped and said, "You are in college and you never wore eye contacts like me. You do not know what you are missing! Are you going to wait till you are old to stop wearing glasses and start wearing contacts and that is like wasting your young life." I replied to her, "I like wearing glass and I do not plan to live longer anyways and there is nothing wrong of never wearing eye contacts." I remember I used to complain to my mom when I was in high school to buy me eye contacs and she told me that I should be different and I should wait till I am 30 years old to have eye surgery. I have a terrible gene of being very ugly and I do not want people giving me expecting that I should pluck out eyebrows, wear eye contacts, and dress classy or vulgarly. I do not even plan to search out love or even date nor marry anyone. I plan to become a reclusive woman until I die. I like dressing nerdy and THAT"S IT! The end!


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  • There's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to conform to other people's standards of beauty or what looks good. Contacts are not right for everyone and neither is Lasik surgery. I'm sure you look good with your glasses on and if they make you feel great and pretty, that's awesome. Keep wearing them and forget everyone else.

    I wear glasses as well.

    • Thank you so much and I know from this experience I will never become arrogant and superficial. By the way, glasses do not make me unattractive though my genes.


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  • You wear glasses. Don't get contacts. Don't get surgery. They are a waste and only make your vision worse in the long run.

    • I know! People around do not even say anything negative about me wearing glasses except for that girl and she is very pretty! I at least do not have to waste money for being in fashion since I am not the most beautiful girl.

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