Guys what do you look for most in a girl?

and also what is a instant turn off


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  • Man from experience for her to be pretty from the inside, and not ugly from the inside. But guys cant' quite tell though, because their beauty from the outside, blinds us with the uglyness and evilness deep down inside. I guess you live and learn, but for some they live and learn the hard way man...


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  • A girl who's fun to hang out with and easy to talk to, who has a keen mind, a nurturing heart. She should be physically attractive and also have character and morals.

    Instant turn-offs: Disrespecting herself by 'whoring' herself out, being genuinely mean and hurtful, using her physical beauty as an excuse to neglect developing her personality, or being overly controlling and jealous.

  • Honestly, I've been attracted to a girl that laught/ smile a LOT... I can't raelly explain it, but smile alone is not gonna pull it off... and Laugh a lot is annoying... its a facial expression where you have a big smile where you don't actually open ur mouth too big... lol... sounds dumb but, I realy like a cheerful girl... a NICE cheerful guy, not a slutty cheerful girl..

  • i like a girl with lots of energy and a positive attitude. an instant turn off for me is a girl who tries to act stupid and unintelligent when she's really not. but maybe that's just me :)


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