Guys, do you actually notice a girl's eye color?

I hear guys saying all the time that one of the first things they notice about a girl is her eyes. Is that true? I thought it was all about the ass and boobs. What if the girl had green eyes? (or any other color that is not really rare) Would you notice them right away when you see her or a while later? I'm asking this because whenever I'm on the bus, I always see guys staring at me but I never know if it's because of my eye color (my eyes are orange around the pupil and green on the outside, and they are pretty noticeable) or if they are just checking me out.


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  • I love brown eyes, which is very opportune being as I only date black women. In answer to your question, yes, I guess I do notice, but only after the fact.


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  • One of the first things that I notice are her eyes.

    Some eye colors especially green just pull me in.

    There is a lady at the gym that I talk to, she has blond hair & the prettiest blue eyes that I have ever seen. When I talk to her I just look into her eyes. I'll bet that she's one of those girls that guys never look down at her chest when they are talking to her. I do observe the rest of her when she is leaving.

  • It's scientific fact that the eyes are the first thing both sexes look at...boobs and ass are important of course but eyes are make or break physical parts...gotta have the eyes for me...

  • Nope face first, not happening not looking at anything else...


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