What features do Asian guys find attractive?

I am curious to learn Asian ideals of beauty guys from Asia have. My male American friends tell me I am too pale, too skinny, and too short, but my female friends from Asia tell me they wish they had my pale skin and thinness. So I was thinking if Asian guys prefer tan or pale, skinny or curvy, etc. (I don't know too many Asian guys and the ones I do know I'm too shy to ask them, i'm generally really shy asking these questions or, talking). Thank you very much!


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  • They generally prefer pale = sign of higher social status because tanned people used to mean they were working the fields all day

    They generally prefer slim (not skinny) because curvy is not embraced over there like it is here and slim is a sign of good health.

    Height they're not really bothered as long as you're not taller than them.


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  • Not all Asian guys have the same beauty ideals.

    • However, I think many of them prefer a skinny body type.


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  • Well, they like money and girls who are cute I think.

  • I'm Asian. I don't really have a preference. I'm quite open when it comes to dating.

    • Alrighty, thank you! I was just curious if there had been reasons like cultural influences, or anything of the sort. Thank you!

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