Who has benefited from coconut oil?

Now that coconut oil is big and used in lots of beauty products and big on diy beauty and people who like to go the natural path, who has benefited from it?


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  • I use it on my hair and feet. It's amazing. Very moisturizing. I use it on my hair once a week as a pre shampoo treatment and every night before bed on my feet to help with dryness. Sometimes I use it on my legs and arms too as a body moisturizer.

    • We use to joke in my house and call the person that had ashy elbow, ashy Larry so ever since I put it on my elbows and knees I've been good 😂


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  • Its in my scrub and I can definitely say it makes my skin smoother, I don't use it often enough to see a difference in the look of my skin.

    • I use it on smoothie sometimes and when I do my skin looks moisturized and less dry

  • The people have benefited from coconut oil are those monkeys and humans with hydroxy plasma oh, bizarre Nate within the bloodstream. The follicles on the head have micro receptors called, "micro receptors" that emanate gamma proteins within the mitochondria of the coca. Those follicles with a half from the coconut interact and cause what is known as diametrically opposed succinate which are succinate that are diametrically opposed. Those female that have diametrically opposed succinate's can benefit most because there cyclic AMP is a perfect match for their STP that they put in that car

    • Very interesting if someone were to be allergic to it would the opposite occur? And then how are they diametrically succinate like for what function?

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    • Got this from self research or learned this?

    • I would like you to ride a Krebs cycle and tell me which is better, Honda or Suzuki

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