What do you look for in a guy's body?

Hey girls I got a funny question for ya... What do you look for in a guy's body. Like what attracts you most? Haha just curious

Alright what I'm trying to ask is if you saw a guy like on a beach or something what attracts you to that guy?


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  • Well, I think I can say this for every girl, but before I actually know a guy a few things always seem to be attractive: being well built, having a clean face (and hair), and a small sense of style expressed in his clothes! Lets face it, nobody likes the overweight guy with yucky acne and greasy hair wearing a stained T-shirt. lol. But really, personality makes all the difference.


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  • Well most girls will way "oh, it doesn't matter, just a great personality and that will do it all..blah blah blah.." but guess what?! they're lying...

    Just like guys, girls are super attracted to a nice body even though they may not show it...

    First of all, I LOOOVE a tall guy. You know what's better than that? Tall and well built..

    Now I'm not saying look like a body builder with bulging muscles and being totally ripped.

    But what I really like are strong arms (like the forearm and biceps), nice chest, but also strong legs. Hate it when a guy has big arms and upper body, but then when they wear shorts they have tiny string-bean legs. I like the sexy calves lol.

    Basically, if you are tall or short, just work out... can't do no harm. It's healthy and will DEFINITELY add to your game...

    Good luck ;)

    • Oh yeah I'm way ahead of you I'm 6'3" baseball player. I workout a ton. I got an 8 pack which is rare haha

  • Personally I think that personality is more important, but there are certainly things I like appearance-wise. I like him to be tall, muscular (or at least not really skinny or really fat), have pretty eyes, and hair that isn't super long but long enough to grab onto.

  • Height is a number one for me. I'm 5'9" so if your not my height or taller, you'd have to be pretty special for me to go out with you.

  • Honestly it is a big plus if a guy can make me laugh :)

    • Well like yeah ik. What makes a man is his heart. But yeah I was just curious

  • good body , like nice biceps , triceps and stuffs like that :)

    Yeahh , and sports like Wrestling is really hot for a guy

  • For me, physically, it's definitely the face. I look for an angular, attractive face. Good facial features, like- eyes, nose, mouth, clear skin, white teeth, good hair.

    Then I look at the body, toned lean arms, and a thinner physique. I hate juiceheads and beefcakes.

    On the beach, ABSSSSSSSSSS.


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