Should I ask him?

I really like this guy but we are both really shy. And our mutual friend told me that the guy I like thinks I'm cute and that if I don't talk to him now that I'll lose my chance forever. So should I talk to him or should I wait for him to come around and talk to me?


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  • Do not wait. Why do girls always wait? You are just as capable to go to him as he is to you. And if you want him, then what's the problem?

  • Maybe send him some eye signals; If he does like you, he's probably looking at you at some point when he sees you. Look back at him and (If you're feeling particularly socially adventurous) smile at him if you catch eyes with him. If you send him the signals that you kinda like him and wouldn't say no if he came over and talked to you, then he just might.


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