Is it criminal to wear top-sider shoes without socks?

  • yes it is
    16% (4)18% (2)17% (6)Vote
  • no it is not
    40% (10)27% (3)36% (13)Vote
  • they are cool!!
    4% (1)9% (1)6% (2)Vote
  • dude, wear whatever the fuck you want
    40% (10)46% (5)41% (15)Vote
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  • Nah, I thought that you weren't supposed to wear socks with them anyway :P

    • I'm confused when I first bought mine years ago they told me not to wear socks yet I saw many people who did. I feel like the general rule is wearing them without socks but some people still do. I want to know what looks more appropriate to people tho
      thank u for ur answer

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  • Since when are socks mandatory? Wear what you want.

    • Regardless on the unpleasant look when wearing shoes without socks (mainly sneakers) they have an importance in absorbing the sweat.

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    • This certain pair of shoes (top siders) is taking two trends so I wanted to know what is more acceptable to wear even though I wear socks with all my shoes, this pair had me questioning lol
      thank u man for ur answer :D

  • Dude, I think it would like be much more criminal to wear them "with" socks.
    Not supposed to wear socks with boat shoes, bro.

  • But your feet would be more sweaty