Can you honestly answer this?

do you think I'm cute?

and please leave a comment of why


simple as that

and please be honest

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Here's a link for another picture


i wanted to update my questions and say thank you for answering them


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok, you want honesty. The first thing that comes in my mind seeing this picture is not "cute", but rather "fun". Like a person you'd meet in a mall and kind of think "she must be some kind of a trouble maker", in a good way I mean. If I were a guy, I wouldn't find you attractive not because you look bad but because you have to ask people if you are cute or not. I find lack of confidence masked with over-grooming and looking for affirmation very not-cute. If you want to be cute, just be yourself. If you're shy, be shy, don't pretend to be a madonna. If you're a bit eccentric or an individual, don't pay too much attention to what people say...

    • Wow umm thanks. that's the most honest anyone has been. and I'm very shy usually. and thank you very much =)


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What Guys Said 6

  • I see you're fishing for compliments eh? I like your hair and eyes and it looks like you used photoshop on your skin.

    • No I'm not. I would prefer people just to say what they like and what they don't like about me straight up. That's all I'm asking for. And I didn't use photoshop. My lighting in my room is very bright and I had the flash on. And thank you

    • It just seemed strange because you're obviously not ugly and it's an awful thing to say that to another person. Oh, and I wasn't serious when I said you used photoshop or fishing for compliments, I meant it in a "you're in denial because you're not ugly" way.

    • Ohhhh okay lol but thank you =) and it is horrible for people to say that to others

  • well I can't say that any redhead is cute

    also, you show too much of ur boobs to be cute. you should either want to be cute or hot not a little of both

  • yeppers. you look like loads of fun, and full of life :D

  • No. I don't think people you're age can be cute. Babies are the only humans who can be cute to me.

  • You're not ugly. Don't worry about it-

  • these questions are so funny especially when the girl looks fine , actually the pics on your profile looked better than the main profile pic .

    • Awww thank you. and I know it's a funny question. I just want to know because a lot of people have been calling me ugly lately .......

What Girls Said 3

  • My opinion?

    You're just trying to seek attention or maybe you're just fishing for compliments.Seriously,a girl who's insecure and thinks she's "ugly" doesn't pose or look as comfortable as that in pictures.Besides,you have nothing to worry about,except the fact that you look much younger than 17,I would say you were no older than 12 if I saw you walking down the street and a guy who's truly worth your time will like you for who you are anyway so just be yourself.

  • I think you're pretty

  • you can't even see your face. try better quality camera, better angle, and smile.

    • Is that a better picture for you?

    • Yes! when you smile, it lightens your whole face up, and you look stunning. you're a very pretty girl and don't let anyone ever bring you down.

      remember, SMILE! :)