Why are you touching me?

Sometimes when I am out and about, people will come up to me and touch my hair. This isn't so disconcerting when they've already said hello and complimented me on my hair or asked me what product I use or ask me if it's my natural hair... but there have been times where I have been standing in line and the person behind me will touch my hair (I can feel it) or bounce a curl without even saying anything and all I can think is: "Why are you touching me?" The people who approach me to touch my hair are usually women. Do you feel the urge to touch people in public for any reason? Why so? Why are these people popping my personal bubble >_<


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  • When I see a guy with curly hair, yes, I do get the urge to run my fingers through his hair. It's because I think it's attractive. Are you telling me it would be socially acceptable for me to start doing that to strangers? lol

    That reminds me of when my sister was pregnant with my nephew. Random women would walk up to her and touch her stomach before saying anything. It made her so uncomfortable. I'm not sure which is worse, feeling up a stranger's stomach before asking if it's okay, or playing with someone's hair without any intention of speaking to them at all.

    • Haha - oh my momma bear instincts would totally kick in if random people touched my stomach >_> I have to admit - the whole baby making process is rather amazing to me. I definitely understand the urge to pet a pregnant woman's stomach lol... just not without asking.

      And yes - you should just go up to guys and touch them >_> I wonder what would happen. I feel like as a culture we don't know what to do in awkward social situations so we just try to be polite. Psych experiment! lol

    • I've actually thought that it would make an interesting experiment. For someone else though, not me lol


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  • I've had to learn to curb the urge to touch people in public. When I was young, and somewhat naive, whenever I'd notice an attractive girl at the supermarket, I'd wait until she stopped to look at something, and then begin rubbing her thigh and licking her face. While this seemed perfectly natural to me, it wasn't at all well received. After several fines, and one particularly long and unpleasant jail stay, I learned to settle for the occasional handshake.

    • Aw - were you a puppy in your past life? :3

      Perhaps just raised by wolves >_> Ah... behavior expectations are so subjective.

    • Like a puppy! You're exactly right. It all seemed perfectly innocent to me. Cute even. Perception is such a puzzling dynamic.

  • Your hair is quite gorgeous dear. I might have trouble keeping my hands to myself too!=P Nah, I don't go around feeling up people, unless they asked me to prior to the feelin' up. I have this issue though when I shave my head, apparently it is good luck to rub the head of a bald person=\ Unleash the redhead inside and put the smackdown on them! >.< =P

    • Haha - yeah my husband said if any one did half the things people randomly do with my hair in public to him he would just be out and out rude. Eg - *waves hand in their face really close to their face and when they flinch or move away* "Oh good I was just checking to be sure you weren't blind. Why are you touching me?" >_> lol I on the other hand ignore it or glue my feet to the ground lol.

  • No, I still follow the Golden Rule they taught to me in kindergarten, which, at my advanced age of 28, surprised I even still remember. I keep my hands to myself. Although, I have been grabbed by the arm at one point, and been told that I had the most beautiful eyes, which is indeed a great compliment, but why grab me and pull me aside to tell me that?


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  • I do feel an urge to touch random peoples hair! its only if they have really cool hair though (like afros). I just feel attracted to hair, and yeah, I know it sounds creepy, but, sometimes its just that random "I WANT TO TOUCH YOUR HEAD" feeling =) you probably have cool hair!

    • Hmm it's down to the small of my back with curls and waves and it's red xD;;;

    • Well then, its probably because its cool! curly hair is always nice!

  • You must have really alluring hair.

    perhaps people can't help themselves.