Should I do my makeup myself for prom or have it done by my hairdresser?

I've spent way too much money on prom (which is tomorrow) and I don't want my parents to have to pay even more money just for me to have my makeup done. So I was going to go ahead and pay for it, but I figure that if I'm already buying $60 worth of makeup, I should just do it myself. If I mess up, I can re-do it, but I am not very good at it by any means, and I have a hair appointment at 3 and would have to do it after that. So I have the option of buying makeup to do myself (returning it after because I refuse to keep an eyeshadow palette that is $54 when I don't wear it every single day) and run the risk of it creasing/flaking/making me too pale, etc. Or spending the same amount of money that I won't get back and have someone else do it - when I might not like it.


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  • Do you have any friends that would apply it on you and could maybe borrow the one thing you never use?

    • All of my friends are gettin their makeup done, and I don't want any of the girls I'm going with to have to wait on me to do all of my makeup, probably two times over (because I know the first time won't come out right). That was a very good idea though!

    • Or your Mom maybe could but yeah I guess your friends won't have the time either

What Girls Said 2

  • Do it yourself... It's just prom. Watch YouTube videos or have a good friend come over and help you with it.

  • Do it yourself.