Bra strap showing?

Do you think it is tacky when a girl wears a tank top and you can see her bra strap showing? I avoid wearing tank tops for this reason. I would love to wear them but my breasts are way to big to go braless. Is it any better with those clear straps?


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  • I don't think it's that big of a deal.

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  • I don't think it's a big deal either. If you're really worried about it, wear one of those tank tops with slightly thicker straps, so you can hide the bra strap underneath it. That way, it won't show. :D But I personally don't think it's that important.

  • Neither I, or any other guy I know cares about that one way or another. I mean, basically all girls wear bras, and tons of girls like tank tops, so its not uncommon that they show.

    This won't bother a guy in the least bit. I hardly even notice it

  • I think you got a lot of good advice below.

    Basically, girls wear tank tops and bras, so people can usually see the bra straps. You will be in good company, and it is not tacky. I agree that for guys it is always a little hot to get a little glimpse of underwear.

    I really don't like the clear plastic bra straps - I don't know why - maybe it is because it is clear plastic and I can see them anyway? Dan

  • The clear straps are kinda weird... seeing a bra strap isn't really a big deal. Seeing a bra strap isn't going to make me think differently of a woman.

  • Actually, I think it's kind of hot. It's always nice to get a glimpse of a girl's underwear.

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  • That happens to me all the time, not on purpose though. So, I usually wear either the strapless bra or racerback so that the straps won't show

  • I don't think it's tacky or anything, I think it's fine, as long as it's appropraiate for the setting. And clear straps are kind of pointless because you still see them...

  • A lot of people have differing opinions on this, but let's face it, for a woman, it's a fact of life having to wear bras. And if you like tank tops, why should you feel insecure about whether or not your bra strap shows? Like you, braless isn't an option for me, but I tend to wear at least two tank tops (one thicker strapped, and one "spaghetti" strapped) over a black strapped bra, and nobody's made a comment about it. Even with the dress code of my job (no tank tops with straps less than 2 inches), because my "spaghetti" strapped tank tops are generally black, and most of my bras are black strapped anyway, nobody's noticed, and if they have, they haven't said anything.

    As for clear bra straps, I've never tried them, but I can only imagine that plastic is going to get uncomfortable in the heat and sun.

    Hope this helps.

  • either you wear the strapless bras which I do or you have the clear strap bras that go with everything. I don't like it either but if at least they have the same color bra as the tank top, that is at least an attempt to make it work. if they're different colors, yes it's tacky

  • wear the bra and the tank top! I'd stay away from the clear straps though, especially since you have large breasts. they stick to you even when it's not hot out and are just uncomfortable and weird looking. and it's a strain, and they leave really ugly red marks. if you really don't want your bra straps showing, there's also those strap perfect thingies they show on tv. I had some and they're really awesome! they turn any bra into a racerback and give you more support too.

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