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Why does my "crush" adjust his pants around me in a weird way?

Because of his job, my "crush" wears windbreaker pants or whatever they're called. So, this is the deal. Whenever I talk to my "crush" he adjusts his... Show More

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  • We guys do that if we're a bit sweaty and out equipment get stuck to our inner thigh, or if it has got a bit tangled in our shorts.

  • Guys adjust themselves all the time, girls or no girls.

  • Well I'm going to be honest with you sometimes when a guy is working hard walking around all day etc. The penis takes on a strange position in the underwear. If this happens and you get an erection there will be a big bump in his pants and that just looks. not good. So what I'm guessing is he puts his penis back in it's natural state so that IF he gets an erection there won't be a big bump in his pants. I think he's embarrassed about that which I can understand. But it's natural.

    Hope this helped

    • Okay...thanks. You helped alot

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