Girls, Are you supposed to wear underwear for full body massage? Should I wear thong?

Im going for one this weekend and want to know if you are supposed to wear underwear for it since they are doing full body, like for the butt I'm guessing they would need to take off the underwear? or should I just wear a thong?



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  • It's completely up to you.

    I've kept mine on in a full body massage, and it was perfectly fine. They didn't completely take off the underwear, only took it down to under the butt and then covered me from thereon down. After they were done, they just pulled it up again and moved on to other parts. I don't think it was that big of an inconvenience, and I liked having mine on since I think I got a Swedish/Shiatsu combination which involved quite a few stretches. Some of the places I've been to don't include the butt even when they were a full body massage though, so I think it'd be best to wear a g-string instead to be ready for both scenarios. Also, even if they do include the butt, you can still opt not to. It's all up to you.

  • Wear whatever underwear you want, they don't touch your butt (or they shouldn't), they place a towel over it.