Is it safe to bleach my RELAXED hair?

I have a relaxer in my hair, but its been a few weeks, and I condition it three times a week so it can be healthy. I want to bleach it for the first time, so I can dye it purple. Should I be okay if I use low volume?


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  • This is a BAD idea. I know you are taking measures to make sure your hair is healthy. However, the harsh chemicals from the bleach will cause your hair to break off. If you didn't have the relaxer in it then it would be a different story. I am not a stylist but a good friend of mine is. She agrees that this would be detrimental to your hair.


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  • I want the same thing. I'm going to just get the clip in extensions ((they sell them at Sally's and many other hair care places)) and cut them to my hair length.

    I'll get the color without damaging my hair.

    Hope this helps.

  • No that will definitely kill your hair.