Cheap plus sized summer clothes?

Alrighty guys, here's the deal; I'm incredibly self conscious, as you may have noticed if you follow my posts on here. I tend to wear large t shirts and jeans no matter how hot it is outside. This is something that needs to change immediately, but I can't do it alone. Can anyone post a link to cute (cheap) plus sized shirts/capris? (Nothing too showy, I don't have much to flaunt and I need to take baby steps when it comes to showing more than I do now. Preferably no tank tops, but the kind with just lace sleeves are alright.)
Opinions here outside of HELPFUL suggestions will be ignored. (i. e. just lose weight, just wear whatever you want, etc.)


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  • I'm a plus sized cross dresser. Torrid has very cute clothes, especially if you're interested in skater type dresses and skirts. Good luck 🙂


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  • Try scouring Forever 21. I know that some of their stuff is pricey, but sometimes they have stuff on clearance. Last time I was in a Forever 21 they had bathingsuit bottoms and tops for 10 bucks in the plus size section.

    Plus size clothing that is affordable is hard to find unfortunately. Walmart is also a good place to look, but I find their plus size section to be depressing at best sometimes.

    However, I've noticed some of their stuff comes in XXL now. So I've been going through the regular section to find clothes. I'm a size 2x too and I find the XXL fits me in most cases (sometimes it does run small).

    Basically any clearance section is going to be your best friend! Most places will be starting to get rid of spring stuff right now, which can also work for summer. Old Navy also has a good clearance section. But again, most of their plus size stuff is sold exclusively online (which is really unfortunate!).

    Good luck!


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  • Shopping online is a wonderful thing ;).

    Hell, Even Amazon have some pretty incredibly extensive lines of clothing, Which is relatively cheap. I dont personally shop there as most of its womens clothing but.. Eh..

    Good luck. :)

    • I've been trying Amazon, but all of the things in my price range have reviews about it being much too small, and they don't have sizes for me to bump up to so it will fit :/ Thanks for the advice anyway!

    • Ey that sucks, I can relate, I use be obese so i can understand the struggle of finding things you like that fit, Haha. So, I won't even bore you with the ''just where whatever'' shit because i know its not that easy and you will feel self concious all the time.

      Mhhm, I wish i could help more, All the sites i use to buy my bigger clothes from are pretty much male only so obviously no use to you, But hey, I hope you find something, And enjoy your summer matey!

  • I don't have links to find certain clothes but I would say for you to measure yourself so that you can find some clothes on eBay or Amazon or wherever you decide to buy from. Example: if you want a shirt, measure your arm length, bust and chest size, and overall length from neck to waist. Waist measurement

    • I've done that already, but a lot of amazon clothing is smaller than the sizing charts put on there because most of them don't go by US sizing

    • If the clothes are a little smaller, than buy the next bigger size. If you can't find good results on Amazon, then Amazon might not be the site for you to buy your clothes on. Maybe check out eBay. I've bought plenty of clothes that were from China using eBay. They usually have measurement comparisons.

  • Suns out, guns out OP


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  • Ross has some cute clothes for cheap and I'm sure they'll have something in your size. Most of their clothes run from Medium to Large and I also think they're bigger than the usual mediums. I wear a small in clothes but the smalls at Ross drape over me like a curtain.

    • I'm like a 2xl :/ (I also like baggy clothes, I could fit in an xl, I just prefer 2x)

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    • No problem, good luck!

  • Torrid and NewYork&Company would be your best bets

  • Charlotte Ruse has plus sized clothes and they are pretty cheap! Also Maurice's