Guys are attracted to beautiful and hot girls only??

I don't rate myself as beautiful or hot, but just average...and decent, shy, simple, cute, average weight(not too skinny or over weight). But I don't seem to attract guys when I go out for parties instead its always the beautiful/hot ones. What type of girls are guys actually attracted too?


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  • any kind, I mean I was into a chubby girl awhile back so its not just about skinny girl, it differs with any girl, a guy is prob afraid to a approch you, if its ok could I see a photo of you, guys are just prob afrad and unsure how to approch and and not sure what you'd say

  • well I obvivously will notice the so called beautiful girls when out , but often average girls catch my attention as well and I see a lot I'd be willing to date . some hot girls also don't consider themself to be hot so there attractive as well if they think there just average .


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