What feature/s do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

what feature/s do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? it can be looks and/or character trait that makes you fall for a girl.


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  • I like a petite girl with a cute face. Every guy is either a tits or ass man and I'm definitely an ass man. Aside from those I'm a huge fan of proportionality.

    With respect to character, I like a girl who carries a sort of innocent demeanor. Also, I love intelligent girls, there nothing that is sexier than a girl who you can have a real conversation with and can challenge you on an intellectual level.


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  • *easy going

    *Laid back - She can't get mad if things don't go her way all the time

    *confident - I think that's the biggest turn on when somebody is comfortable "in their own shoes"

    *self respect - I think it's a turn on when a female takes care of herself

    *intelligent - She does not have to be able to spar with Kant and Socrates on an intellectual level, but its nice if she has some common sense :)

  • this sounds weird but basically.she has to look really cuddly =]

    this encompasses her having really nice soft skin, small stature, thin, soft hair, a nice smile, a comfortable sense of style and a good sense of when is the right time for what.

    but that's just me, I'm kinda out there

  • a nice tush

    • Could you elaborate on what a "nice tush" for you is? lol

    • I could but it might get pornographic and I'd hate to get in trouble

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  • Beautiful smile and lively eyes. Good skin is also a definite plus. Overall, they have a very positive uplifting vibe.