Hair growth problem!

I'm 16 and my hair is shoulder length but it will not seem to grow, I straighten it about once every week, When I go out at weekends but I use protecting spray, At school I just leave it natural. I condition it, but I am thinking about using some special products for hair growth and taking some vitamins? I don't like putting my hair up because I don't like my ears :( So it is usually always down. I would like it to grow just below my boobs :) About Megan Fox's length. It seems to be thinning out too, I have no idea what is going on. xxxxxxxxx


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  • Don't trim anything off. Cutting your hair on a full moon and trimming it to help it grow, are just myths. lol. I'm a hairstylist. Sephora, (maybe Ulta) might have some vitamins for skin, nails and hair. Those should help, but "special products" won't do anything. Hair normally grows half an inch per month. Stress can cause some hair to fall out. Normally though, you lose 40 to 60 strands of hair a day.

  • trim an inch off. that'll help it grow