Ladies, can you lock eyes with a guy repeatedly?

and it could be a negative thing? or does it always mean you're interested in the guy?


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  • Not negative or positive sometimes. Sometimes I find myself looking at a guy simply because he's looking at me. It's like a reflex. If someone is looking at you, you feel their eyes on you and it just happens when you look up in that direction.

    • And if every time I look over at her she's already looking at me in the eyes?

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    • If you're still there.. this is what I did in the following class after the one where I caught her looking at me repeatedly. we were taking an exam and I finished early so I wrote and walked by her desk and gave her a note saying "can I call you? if yes then text me your number, if not, then don't worry about it, it's cool." what do you think?

    • P.s. she hasn't texted obviously.


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  • usually means he's intriguing or interesting . some girls can be mean about or they are genuinely crushing on him. it's up to you to judge her character and see what she actually means.

  • from personal experiance, I could only really have a conversation with a guy while looking him in the eye the whole time if it was a guy I liked at least a little.

    If he annoyed me or I just didn't have feelings for him, I don't normally look him in the eye that often, or even try to find a way to look elsewhere.

  • def. not negative unless she is giving the evil eye. yeah this usually means the girl is interested and her eye contact could be taken as an open invitation for you to come up and talk to her.


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