Do you purposely dress up/do your make up?

if there are cute guys in your class(es) do you purposely dress up/do your make up and the whole package vs. if there were none and you don't when you go to class?


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  • Yes. I enjoy being comfortable when I am in class, but if I am wanting that cute boy in the corner to notice me, I'll dress up and look cute. I might even be late to class so he'll stare at me when I walk in. And then make eye contact with him and smile. It's all part of the game.

    • I swear I think what you said is what this girl is doing but I slipped her a note with my phone number on it and she hasn't called/texted.

    • How long has it been? usually I will text the guy late that night or the next day sometime if I think he's cute. have you added her on fcebook?

    • I don't do Facebook. but it's been 4 days.

      she did this initially:


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  • wait, your coming to pretty servere reasoning. I definitely dress up a little more for classes that I have a crush in, but sometimes I really just don't give a damn, meaning the occasional tshirt and jeans day, which is often. I think it all depends on the girl. but I think its safe to say if you see her completely dressed down the days you don't have a class with her, she probably dressing up for that 'cute' boys. I don't dress up just because there's cute boys, only for someone singular. yeah...

    helpful I hope.

  • I'm the type of girl that LOVES dressing up. so if they'res cute guys in my class I'll definately try to look a little special on those days. I might do something noticible but subtle with my makeup to try and grasp the guys attention or something like that. I guess it just depends on the girl, if she's like me and jumps on the chance to dress up then boys might have something to do with it. If she's the kinda girl who doesn't care what she wears then it might just be her personality and may not have anything at all to do with you. Hope this made sense. :)

  • I try to look attractive whether or not there are cute guys in my class. I like to look pretty for myself, it makes me feel more confident. However if there are cute guys in my class I would def try to get their attention with my looks. lol if it worked.

  • Nope. I try to be as comfortable as possible in class so that I actually pay attention. Adjusting a skirt or making sure my make up doesn't smudge is not conducive to focusing. Plus, why would I go through all that trouble on the off-chance that I get the attention of a guy in one of my classes? If someone doesn't like the way I look in jeans and a t-shirt, there's 20,000 other guys on campus and I'm sure one of them will.

    • You're pretty awesome.

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