My girlfriend of 2 years wears short dresses to the casino and bars with her girlfriends! Why does she do this?

She says she wears it cause its American apparel and its the style. I ask her to be less provocative and a little more conservative. I feel why would she dress like that if she isn't trying to get attention.


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  • Of course she wants attention from looking sexy. Doesn't mean she wants anything beyond that. If she likes dressing a certain way and you are not comfortable with it you have 2 choices, 1) break up with her or 2) get used to it.

    Personally if I had a choice, I would want my partner to feel sexy and good about themselves. The alternative is a partner who stops caring how they look and becomes boring and very much unsexy. My ex-husband dressed horribly and did not take care of himself and he did not inspire me to feel very sexy or desiring of him. A lot of people end up in that same boat. They end up in a long-term relationship, stop going out or dressing up because they are in a relationship and end up looking like hell. No thanks...


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  • its not attention that could lead to anything. Its just that girls feel great when they spend hours getting ready and as they walk around, people stare because they look so great.

    its just a feeling of self-appriciation, and looking their best. Just because she's not with you doesn't mean she shouldnt try to look great to impress.

    dont worry about anything bad happening to her if you trust her. No girl likes to not look good. Its why it takes so long to get ready.


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  • It's because she hates you.

    No but really, its what girls do. Don't worry about it it.

  • ya she's trying to get attention of other guys, doesn't mean she's gonna cheat on you, just means she wants free drinks and wants guys to hit on her so she can flirt back or just get the chance to reject them lol