What's hotter on a girl, and why?

belly button ring

nose ring

eyebrow ring

lip ring

or snake bites


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  • I think mostly it matters how you pull it off

    Like I've seen tons of good looking people with piercings that look really tacky. But also these people don't think their other style choices out very well, don't wear clothes that fits them quite right, don't coordinate colors, etc

    I've seen people who have piercings really really really pull it off. Not because they wear one style or another but because they think their style choices out really well. I've seen some people who dress with the nerdy style do piercings extremely well because they dress with a certain attitude and groom themselves carefully (guys and girls)

    For example, I will say that the belly button is very common and I like the look of both pierced and not-pierced belly buttons on a girl so it doesn't matter. It has been overdone to some point, and sometimes it makes me go "ugh she did that". But you can tell who rocks it well and who just got one because they followed the crowd. Really, it's not the piercing itself that is attractive and by itself, sometimes they can be worse. You can have a piercing that isn't complemented by anything else in your look and it's not good because it makes you look as though you just followed the crowd (even if you didn't). But if you incorporate it into your style really well, the piercing rocks because it gives your appearance a lot of strength and attitude.

    So do whatever you do, but don't concentrate on just the piercing. If you get one, make sure to go out and shop for some other new gear that'll complete the attitude it brings. That's what'll make the look hot more than anything else.


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  • Nose ring (although technically my vote is for a nose stud). They add a cute bit of flair without seeming as "in your face" as the lip/eyebrow/and snakebite piercings.

  • None I wouldn't want my girlfriend to have any of that sh*t in her face or on her body, every chick I have dated including my current girlfriend are classy women, not trashy, and piercings on a chick make her look trashy.

  • belly button ring especially one that dangles

    • Thats what I'm thinking about getting

    • Can't explain what there is about it but I find it very hot.

      I of course don't know how easily it snags or gets caught on something.

  • None of the above...

    Not really a big fan of piercings, often they look very tacky.

  • those glasses you have on are pretty hott.

    • Thank you even tho it has nothing to do with my question lol

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