What to wear on a golfing/ice cream date?

Hi everyone.

I was asked out on a date to go mini golfing tomorrow. There is an ice cream shop nearby that we might also go to. The weather will be in the 20s (Celsius), but there might be a chance of rain. Should I bring a raincoat just in case? The ice cream place is indoors.

If you could please help me choose what to wear, it would be very appreciated! :) Btw: my style is mostly feminine, but I'm not afraid to wear something edgy every once in a while! If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you! <3


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  • Is it gonna be at night? Is the place where you live a humid place?
    I would wear a light jacket, it adds more to the style, and it can keep you warm and dry just in case it gets colder (humid cold air is a fucker) and it rains.

    I would say dress how you normally do, so that the guy gets an idea of what you look like during most days, but also wear something nice to give a good impression.

    You say you like to go girly, so if I was your date, I'd be more than impressed if you wear a skirt or a dress; I'm a sucker for those.
    If not, tight jeans are perfect too.

    • Nope, during the day. Around noonish.

      I was thinking about wearing a skirt! I'm not sure I'd be very comfortable wearing super tight jeans though, since I'll be moving about lots. Thanks.

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    • Thanks for the MHO. I hope the date went well.

    • You're welcome. It went well :)

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  • How about a cute top with skinny jeans (I'm thinking about the classical wash, but any other color would do it, depending on the top) and sandals? Also, you could wear some bracelets and a necklance to accesorise the outfit. :)
    A raincoat wouldn't be a bad idea, the wheather isn't 100% predictable.


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  • Jeans, tshirt and boots. The date is very simple so keep the outfit simple.
    Thats abiut right for the temperature too.

    • There is no dress code (lo) or grass for minigolf, so you're just dressing for an ice cream parlour. Dont bring a raincoat, bring an umbrella.

  • Wow cute picture.

    I'm seeing a swingy skirt a little above the knee, short socks, sneakers, halter top if you have the figure for it. Or a backless dress would be cute. If it rains will you still golf or stay inside?

    Have fun!

  • Depends if there is a dress code to golf but I think a rain jacket would not be a bad idea, they can look really cute! If you want something edgy, you can try a nice light loose top with some leather leggings on the bottom, and some flats.

  • Something you don't mind getting ice cream and grass stains on...

  • POLO SHIRT seems perfect lol with a good jeans
    by the way I LOVE your new pic 😛


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