Would I look good w/ this hair color?

I have red hair, and it's bleached blonde almost half way, it's ombre basically and it fades in really well. But lately I have really wanted to change my red hair, and I now really like blonde hair on me. But it's hard to find a blonde color that wouldn't make my face look washed out. I'm going to be dying all of my hair blonde, and I would like to know if this color would look good on me. :))

Would I look good w/ this hair color?(that's me)(this is the color blonde that I want)

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  • You would really suit that but I love your hair now too


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  • But I really suggest going to a salon and have it colored professionally. With natural red hair it may be more of an orangey color than blonde if you coils at home. I'm a beautician and I've got red hair and trying to color my hair at home when I was 14 turned my red hair orange! Yes and you'll be able to relax and not worry about how your hair turns out.

    • Thanks for the MHO! Did you color your hair? :)

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  • People might like that hair color but I don't think they think about what it would look like on you.
    It's best to know your undertone, you appear to be cool skinned, so you need a hair color in the cool tone section. Try doing an ash blonde or strawberry instead of light blonde. I think ash blonde would look great on you!!

  • yea go for it

  • You seem to suit red better. Blonde would look cute but blonde hair with red roots looks more awkward than other colored roots. I also just think red suits your complexion.