What's your opinion on brands that cover up their bad reviews?

I recently bought a pair of boots that I like but noticed that the leather started to crack. I hadn't even worn the boots for more than an hour and even then just around my house. I posted a review on the brand's website, even verified it by email (so I know it's not a tech problem), but it was never posted. I know no company/brand has to have a review section, but when something like this happens it always makes me question the brand.

Has this ever happened to you and how do you feel about that brand/company?


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  • Have they contacted you directly to rectify the problem?
    I can understand companies being selective with what reviews are posted on their website, it's not 100% transparent and honest but at the same time, their own website is there to promote and sell their product. Third party websites / reviews are where people can expect to see a more honest selection of customer reviews.
    I'm not saying that it's the case with your situation, but I can only imagine how many times people post bad product reviews because they didn't follow directions, assembled something incorrectly, used the product in a way other than intended, etc., and I think it's fair for a company to remove these reviews because they're inaccurate.

    What about contacting their customer service department and give them a chance to correct the problem with your boots?
    Things happen, maybe it was a bad batch of leather or there was an issue with how they assembled the boots, and they're willing to swap them out?

    Also, how much did you pay for the boots? Footwear is one of those things where you get what you pay for... If you paid $25 for a pair of leather boots, don't expect great quality. On the other hand, if you paid $125 for the pair of boots, then you're right to expect better than cracking leather...

  • Never happened to me but I wouldn't buy from them again if that happened.


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  • I would never shop there again