Looking in to people's eyes?

NO, not in the, "romantic sense", but I mean in general. I have always been told that when I am talking to someone I should look at them straight in the eye; I always find this awkward. I likely do give the impression that I am not interested what someone is saying, simply because my eyes are slightly off to the side.

How can I make this less awkward?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm shy with people at first and have trouble making eye contact at length. When I get uneasy and have to break eye contact I generally just look somewhere on their face extremely close to their eyes. It eases my mind and they can't really tell the difference. It's never felt awkward for me, and nobody has ever accused me of not paying attention. Just don't look so far away you appear to be trying to roll your eyes backward into your head.


What Girls Said 1

  • i stare at their hair..or mouth...or something...i cant, I just physically can't stare/look into somebodies eyes when they talk to me. I usually just stare at the wall or thing behind them or look around...it is awkward... ;)