My husband says I'm perfect but still looks at pictures of other women. And hides it. Why?

I found the pictures in folders on his computer. I ask he gets defensive.


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  • He finds an appeal for other women.

    Naturally, he is defensive because he feels guilty for his actions or annoyed with how you approached him.

    I think it's a little childish to worry about him LOOKING at other women- but if he is touching or talking with them- I would consider it beyond reasonable to assert the situation.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • If you don't look at pictures, how can your fairly answer this?

    • Because how can he touch them...? How could he date them...? How could he do anything beyond what he has already done...?... What I'm saying is that the situation is at a heated elevation when it couldn't possibly escalate to anything worse. They are pictures, they aren't his ex girlfriend or your best friend standing infront of him.

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  • He can still think you're perfect and look at other women at the same time, it's natural... link (look at the second heading)

  • all men do that.

    unless he's cheating on you or is looking at underage girls who cares?

  • He doenst want to hurt your feelings, some women don't like it, makes them feel in adequate, etc


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  • Eye candy is all it is. You're perfect for him. He probably hides it because he knows that we'll bitch and moan about it. So if we don't know we can't bitch right?

    Mine does it too and it drives me nuts but what can ya do?


    • Kick his ass. makes me feel worthless and him more like a pig. After 16 years, it drives me up a freakin wall then wonder during sex, if that's what he is thinking about

    • Not from me. I love him more than he loves porn and vs versa. I'm in his arms they aren't. =)

  • all men look at other women. he didn't go blind once he married you. as long as he isn't comparing them to you, ignoring you or mistreating you that's your insecurities. don't let it bother you.