I look. You don't. You look. I don't.

There's a guy I'm somewhat interested in.. But we're both kind of shy and I only see him a few times in the hallway. I've been trying to make eye contact with him, but whenever I look at him, he stares straight ahead, but whenever I don't look at him, he looks at me. How should I handle this? Just say hi? Or ignore him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Hmm seems like my exact situation... He seems like he's interested cut the guy some slack and say hi ... It'll make him feel like the king of the world for a day.. Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • you should pretend your staring down or looking the other way, so he won't be shy and will look at you, and then all of a sudden turn toward him and I bet you'll catch him looking cause he won't expect it. when you catch him, smile, this may help him eventually feel more comfortable with you and assured. saying a quick "hi" is always good too, but if you like him, DONT IGNORE HIM!

    goodluck! :)