Do you think that I was rejected from IMG Models because of my height?

I'm 18, 108 pounds, my measurements are 32-24-34.5, and I'm 5'6" barefoot. When I sent in my application, it was the first I'd ever submitted to any agency, and I was nervous, so I don't think my video was very impressive. At the time I had blonde hair (thick highlights) and a lot of red/blotchy scarring from acne on my forehead. With that being said, I was awkward and somewhat "unprofessional" because I wasn't sure what to expect. My face has improved extensively and after the blonde faded, I decided to dye it a rich brown - which greatly improved my looks (I have pretty pale skin and gray-blue eyes, and the blonde just washed me out completely whereas the brown has really improved my coloring).

IMG sent me back a very lovely email, explaining that my application was declined due to the fact that they thought IMG was not the right agency for me, and went on for about two paragraphs, explaining to me why they didn't want me to give up applying to different agencies and to keep going with modeling. I'm not sure if they respond to all applicants like that, but I thought it was awfully nice of them to respond like that.

However, since they weren't specific, I'm just curious as to why they denied me? I have a feeling that my height probably was a big factor in their decision, but would like to hear opinions. Thank you!


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  • Very possible. But natural is usually the way to go in any industry. They can tell when you did something that doesn't fit their image of you.


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  • What kinda' model... like Runway? You don't have to be that tall to be a print model.

  • Maybe :P
    Can't really say 😶


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