How can I make a guy a guy love me?

how can I make a guy a guy love me?i mean what should I do to make him feel that I am the right girl for him?in short-what does a guy want in a girl?

i am getting really stupid and irrelevant suggestions from most guys.cant you be a bit serious?its not a joke after all.


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  • dont listen to mich mich mich. she's a bitch

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  • You can't make someone love you, either he wants to be with you or he doesnt..

  • seek therapy. you have serious problems.


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  • This maybe really hard to believe, but guys love chasing girls.. If girls are too easy then it won't ever work because it gets old after a awhile and there's really nothing more too look forward to in the relationship.. But guys love a little mystery in a girl;; and love trying to figure them out.. When he calls or texts you if you get to that point, then wait a little while to respond or answer so that he knows your still thinking about him but He's not you NUMBER ONE priority in your life. And that you still have a life even though your interested in him.. Go out with your girls.. You know.. Go have fun and be you..