Girls, how do you feel about baldness in guys?

Hello there! Thanks for reading. I was just wanting to gauge the opinions of women on this matter. Is baldness / receding hairline in a man a huge turn-off? Or do girls normally not mind too much? I'm 24 and I've been gradually losing the hair on the top of my head since I was about 16. Most of my scalp is quite visible. I'm not completely bald, but the density of hair on the top of my head is greatly reduced compared to the sides and back. Personally I'd prefer to lose my hair gracefully, and just embrace it rather than trying to hide it with a dreadfull comb-over, or shaving it all off to pretend it's just a fashion statement, but I really don't know how women feel about this. I don't think I'm hugely unattractive, sure I'm not the most handsome guy out there, but I was wondering if maybe my premature baldness is a problem for women. If somebody mentions it I usually just try to joke about it, on a personal level I really don't mind it (we all get old, and I guess it's genetics. I usually just jokingly blame it on all that excess testosterone I have running through my veins...), but it would be interesting to see what girls think. Thanks again for reading.


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  • I find it unattractive but if I liked the guy, I wouldn't care too much.

    • Cool, thanks for the reply. So do you think it is better if a man tries to just embrace his baldness, or tries to hide it with a comb-over or shaving all of his remaining hair off? Let's assure he's otherwise fairly attractive in terms of facial features, for example.

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    • OK, thanks for a good honest response! My hair is not so much patchy, it's very think at the sides and back, but much thinner on the top. But it would feel like such a waste to get rid of all the hair on the rest of my head. I'd like to feel a girl run her fingers through my (remaining) hair.

    • You do you then and quit worrying about what other people think.

  • Just shave your head lol if my boyfriend started losing hair i wouldn't care tho. But if you're still out there meeting women I'd suggest you keep it shaven ;)

  • to be honest i don't mind a bald head and if i got to know a guy with a receding hairline and i begun to like him i wouldn't mind it.
    I most likely wouldn't approach someone this young with a receding hair line as i prefer a full head but every woman is different and i'm sure there would be many that would like it.
    Wear your hair with confidence and woman will go for you. :)