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Short shorts = slutty?

(Too other girls) if you see another girl wearing short shorts, do you automatically think she's a slut?

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  • not at all. It's not outside.

    if guys can walk around shirtless, why can't we wear short shorts?

    • 2mo

      Isn't this a biased BA?

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  • Just like with Gelato said "disregard if you looking for other girl answers" but nope short shorts don't equal slutty, just depends how short. there's a fine line to it.

  • Well, I'm not a girl so disregard this if your only looking for other girl questions. But I'd say short shorts CAN be slutty, it really depends how you pull it off...


    1) If you're really hot, most boys won't care if you look slutty, that's a fact of life.

    2) If you are wearing short shorts that doesn't make you slutty, its what you do while wearing short shorts. For example, if I saw you wearing short shorts just doing what everyone else was doing I probably wouldn't think you were a slut.

    3) I don't know about you, but in my school, almost every girl wears short shorts; so if you like them, go ahead and have fun with it!

  • Many guys including me dislike short shorts on girls which are too revealing, provocative and promiscuous. They look trashy, wasted, rude, indiscreet and sleazy on those naughty, sexy-aggressive, offensive pairs of shorts.

    as long as your clothes range from modest to slightly revealing/showing some tiny bit of skin, people are fine with it. Many are strict on this because they don't want their girl/daughter to witness and engage in sexiness, cleavage display, growl, coarse arrogance in their dressing, and shaking ass off for money. Today, we have whole a lot of promiscuous women in our generation.. We should not be that cheap and we never can be that cheap. Many can afford to uphold their family with standards in their living and dressing. So, modesty, being genteel, graceful, decent, righteous, genuine, and discreet are of high quality and should be incorporated. You understand this more when you have to rear children properly for them to become good kids.

  • i may casually enjoy the view, but I wouldn't think more or less of her on a moral level.

    • That might have come off as pervish, but guys look and that's one thing that you have to live with if you are gonna wear short shorts

  • what you wear doesn't make you slutty. its how you carry yourself in them. if you act slutty in them. ull be percieved as slutty. its just a piece of clothing. not a label.

What Girls Said 9

  • No

    I wear short shorts all the time and I'm not a slut

  • no, I think they should cover up their ass and show some respect. I don't wanna see ur cheeks jeez lol if ur at the beach then fine but otherwise NO ASS CHEEKS peeking when you walk :)

  • No, because I'm probably wearing them too. Sometimes it's just hot out. lol.

  • Not necessarily slutty, but I would think trashy if your ass is hanging out.

  • No, not really. It's just a style of shorts, I mean, it isn't a big deal.

  • It's easy to judge the motive of some girls, especially when they're ranging upwards from 13 years old. It happens when you see some contrived pose with their derrières pointing sharply, outwards in one direction and just when you'd think that short shorts couldn't get shorter, you can see that some girls have deliberately rolled them up one more time to show more butt cheeks. Not only that, but their backs are especially arched, to show off upper developing body parts. It seems all the more obvious, when they appear to be either batting eyelashes, pouting their lips or sticking their tongues out from the corners of their mouths, while they appear to have flipped their feathery hair, in order to fish for compliments on how gorgeous or hot they are. I have seen this with my own eyes on the social networks. I am confident enough in myself not to feel that I should dress this way and then plaster as many of these types of pictures of myself on places where I can get as many eyes as possible on me. So, as not to judge, to call them conceited attention deprived sluts, please tell me, what else could this adolescent wardrobe style be about?

  • No short shorts are okay unless you are wearing them with some skimpy shirt that is really low cut or showing off lots of stomach then yes I would think you were a bit trashy.

  • it depends.

    short shorts alone won't make a girl automatically look slutty. there are some girls who see another chick in short shorts and immediately go "SLUT!" in their head, but usually those are the bitter hating hoes with bad bodies and they're mad they can't wear that :)

    now if you had cleavage spilling out of your top and short shorts and it was inappropriate for the occasion then yeah you might look a little desperate, but in most cases short shorts are not slutty. as long as none of your cheeks are hanging out, you're good.

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