What are qualities that you find in the opposite sex?

I just met this girl and I see some signs that she likes me but I'm just wondering what is her point of view compered to mine.


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  • I look at personality, body, face and sense of humour. I like when a guy takes care of me. However, I also appreciate it when a guy looks good so take care of how you look and make sure you always look like a million dollars. :D

    hope I helped.

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  • Every girl is different. The qualities I look for in a guy include: honestly, character, integrity, funny makes me laugh, hard working. and that's about it :)

  • I can only speak for myself.. but I look at personality, sense of humor, if he is respectful, nice, a gentleman, he's not a bull sh*tter.

  • i agree with angiewaln...im looking for a mature guy...who knows how to respect a woman and be a gentleman, pure from the heart. If a guy is all over the place and inconsistent playing games, it just shows he's selfish and self obsessed. I can't be with a guy who only cares about himself and isn't looking for a meaningful relationship or even friendship the least...i feel like all successful relationships start with good friendship and then added attraction...

    ive met a lot of guys who are funny confident and good looking, but a lot of them lacked maturity and respect and its become my #1 priority for finding a guy I wanna be with.


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