What does this mean, when a guy?

well he's in 12th and I'm in 10th. I'll flirt with him (eye contact only), and he flirts back (eye locking), then he starts to avoid me, and when I look at him, he looks down or away from me. So I stop flirting out of respect, then he starts all over again! Its a continuous cycle. I've only talked to him once, because its weird talking to a 12th grader in a small school. *What is he doing to me, and what should I do?*


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  • This always happens to me and the girl that I like in my class she looks at me I look at her but when she looks back at me I feel like turning my head away I don't have a reason for it I just feel like that and turn my head I guess sometimes I feel unconfortable when I stare at somebodies eyes and she stares back.

  • Depends if you like him or not... talk to him or aviod him..


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