Guys what do you prefer: 100% natural or a little makeup and a girls hair straightened/curled/etc?

I've been trying to go with days where I don't wear any makeup or do anything to my hair. Is this less attractive then someone who does natural looking makeup and straightens, curls, whatever, their hair? Or is natural more attractive? what do you like better?


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  • i think a lot of guys will say only go natural if you can pull it off or they don't mind natural looking makeup that looks like you have little to no makeup on (little do they know sometimes even though it looks that way its quite the opposite lol).

    i used to wear no makeup ever but then I had like a makeup explosion and I'm very good at doing my makeup and my friends makeup. I love wearing it, its like art if you play around with colors the right way and practice. I usually wear no makeup during the day though. sometimes I decide to go to school glammed up but I usually dont. I like wearing it to go out and on the weekends in general lol

    hair types vary on the guy as well. all guys have different opinions on things. I'm biracial black so I have kinky curly hair (think scary spice back in the day lol) and I wear it natural most of the time meaning not straightened. all the guy I have ever dated either loved my hair type in general or just thought it looked good on me and thought that I should wear it. I will say that there is a trend of men liking straight hair. I don't like straight hair too much on me on a daily basis but I switch it up every now and then. my last ex boyfriend went crazy whenever I straightened my hair (touching it and smelling it etc. ) but he liked it natural textured as well.

    im bi and I'm attracted to all kinds of girls. my current girlfriend has naturally straight hair.

    this is going to sound cliche but I really do think you should dress and style your hair and makeup for yourself not to impress guys. if you are your own person with your own style and have confidence in yourself the right guys will be attracted to you for your personal tastes and choices and not because you are trying to embody a look that you think men want to see.


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  • As guys go where not big into ladies with makeup in big amounts. We want to see of ladies as they are. Light make up is fine but putting it on as a coating is no sexy at all. I see ladies all the time and I want to hand them a brick motor trowel to scrape off the make up. I wouldn't think lades would want any guy seeing them with cracks on there face due to the make up. As for your hair it is your hair long as you happy with it that's all that matters right.

  • It's all based on personal preference. I prefer straight hair but that's just my opinion. Oh, and too much makeup is just gross.


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  • most guys like natural or no make up. Most of the guys I've dated prefer no make up surprisingly and I am the type who can't live without it.