Will tanning oil help me tan in a tanning bed?

So I know using a tanning bed isn't good but I know that and it's my own decision so please don't tell me to stop using one. I was wondering if a tanning oil (spf 15) will help me give any color in a tanning bed?


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  • Doesn't matter. You'll look 55 when your 30

    • Well like I already said, I know it's bad and it's my decision. I didn't ask if I will look 55 when I'm 30, I asked whether or not it'd help me get a little more color.

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    • Nobody likes tanned skin anymore. In poll after poll about skin choice creamy pale skin wins out everytime on this site. Nobody wants to be with a walking skin cancer idiot

    • Well I don't care what people think about it, I'm not doing this for anyone but me.

  • ewww, tanning beds give you cancer, why would you do that to yourself?


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  • No, because the UV is already filtered there. Tanning oil with a browning aid, may give you a faster colour, but its not the same as UV and it will not block the UV