He looks at me, but he doesn't smile. I'm not sure if he likes me?

My previous question was 'Does he like me?'...and I'm happy that I got 2 answers...but I still have a problem with this guy...yesterday, at school, we had a free hour, so I was in my classroom with some other friends. He was also there and he was just looking at me,because he's too shy to talk to me. I sat in my bank and at a time a stood up, went to another bank and then saw that he looked my way...today he looked at me again...I just can't understand him.I really wish he would do something, because I can't wait like this forever. And I am a shy girl too, so I don't have the courage to talk to him...does any know if he really likes or he is just looking at me?


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  • Attraction between 2 shy individuals. Welcome to the real world.


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  • just go say hi and make a typical conversation, break the ice ! Do not forget joke little.

    Here is my favorite ice breaker line : You say "A giant polar bear"

    And he say " What or something like"

    Then you say "it breaked the ice"


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  • OMG I have the same problem... I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I wanted to say that I sympathize... it's been going on for 4 years for me... :S

  • i have the same problem but today I decided to tell him dhat I like him and that I didn't expect him to like me back or anything... But we really don't talk to each other I think you should tell him

    • Wow...you really must have had courage...that's good...I didn't to anybody that I kinda like him...but I would like to tell only to him that I like him...it's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.I hope someday he or I will make the first move.