How do I stop being so obsessed?

This might sound stupid, but I am really going crazy over this one guy. It's gotten to the point where it's negatively impacting my life because he's all I want to think about. What should I do?


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  • Ok. After you read this, "If you do..." Close your eyes and think about him in your mind. When you see him clearly, now imagine that suddenly maggots and puss start to ooze from his mouth, ears, eyes and come out from his skin... His face falls off on the floor and his body parts start to fall off one by one. Then when he's in a boiling mess on the floor, he spontaneously combusts into a huge fireball and disappears...

    Replay that movie in your mind every night before you fall asleep... Soon you will avoid him like the plague. Try it. It works.


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  • start being obsessed with me, you'll forget about him in no time.

    • Haha I would but I think ur kind of old for me :)

    • Wasn't serious.... just wanted to make you smile a little, go find a new hobby, do something you don't usually do, start meeting other guys, and very soon you'll find someone else more interesting, you'll forget about him in time, and you'll look back and go "wtf was I thinking."

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  • ditto!

  • i'm going through the same thing and I'm totally clueless!