How does lacoste fit?

I am starting my applied portion of med school in Sept. Where I will be forced to interview patients to diagnose them. I was told to wear something formal, like a dress shirt, but I don't like dress shirts. So my professor told me it was also acceptable for me to wear a high brand polo short like lacoste, Hugo, etc.

So I am buying lacoste online, and I was wondering how they fit. I am very muscular my arms are 18 inches and my chest is 48 with a 36 inch waist. I want the shirt to fit loosely. So I don't feel like I am being crushed, and so I don't need to need to stuggle getting out of them. I am a XXL in almost every shirt I buy. What size should u buy?


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  • I find their clothes quite big compared to other 'pricier' brands, it might be different with men's clothes though.
    But I'm not sure if they even make XXL sized clothing tbh, most brands stop at L lol but again, that's for Europe so that might be different in America.


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  • If ur XXL American i dont think Lacoste dont make a shirt that will fit. They run at least a size smaller usually. Size abd a half if you go for their tailored fit shirts

    • so should I buy a 3xl or 4xl?

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    • Yeah, the thing is where I am right now there are no stores that sell lacoste. Are there any brands similar to lacoste so I can just try it on in the store then order it online?

    • Hmm FCUK but i doubt you'll have a store there. Maybe order one to try it out? Slim or regular in XXXL.

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