Girls, Is earring good on a guy?

What do you think?

  • Good
    50% (7)
  • Sexy
    14% (2)
  • Bad
    21% (3)
  • So unattractive
    15% (2)
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What Girls Said 2

  • I have absolutely no problem with that. Just gotta make sure you get the right style. And that it actually suits you

    • 2mo

      Do you think that a normal sized round black earring suits me I have black hair white skin

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    • 2mo

      U mean that hole has closed up?

    • 2mo

      lol I never had a hole wait follow me back i will send you a pic

  • Id have no problem with it. Im pierced myself so why would it bother me? It could look really cool.

    • 2mo

      What kind of earring do you mostly like on a guy can you give an example?

    • 2mo

      One, maybe two hoops or studs. I dont see many guys with any other kind of ear piercings around here.